After several years of improved budgets which allowed the Council to repave and upgrade many of our roadways, last year, in Rod's year as mayor, Cupertino was one of 3 cities in the US to be recognized by the Dept of Transportation for most improved mobility, adding 3 miles of green bike lanes, 5 miles of buffers and 138 sharrows. In the last 18 months, we have planned and adopted perhaps the most ambitious bike plan in the country that we will implement over the next few years, with protected bike lanes, separated bikeways, and bike boulevards in multiple north-south and east-west connections throughout the City, and jumpstarted its implementation with $2 million in funding in 2016-17. As the City Council's City-Schools Liaison in 2015 & 2016, Rod has intensified dialog with our schools to improve safety and relieve congestion around schools, borrowing the successful model that brought many more students to walk and bike to school in Palo Alto.

These improvements will help everyone who wants to bike safely, including students, commuters and recreational cyclists. photo