Cupertino is proud to be the home of Apple and we know that Apple's economic impact radiates well beyond its campuses & employees. Apple Campus 2 was approved by the City Council in late 2013 and surveys have shown the overwhelming support of Cupertino residents. We need more economic diversity in Cupertino, and Rod expects that the opening of the new campus will free up some of Cupertino's Class B space to allow new businesses to grow here.

After 20-plus years of slow decline at Vallco, most residents are happy to see the prospect of something new. The site is 50 acres, and the developer proposes an audacious project with a total investment of $3 billion. But is it the right project? Residents have widely varying opinions, and under a normal development process, Rod expects we would have brought the developer and the community together to reach consensus that a majority of residents would support. Rod also expects that on such a large project, the Council would have called for an Advisory Vote from residents to ensure that support. If both measures fail, that is the process Rod will pursue.

Instead we have a quite different process this year, with competing initiatives that present black and white choices that are polar opposites. Initiatives are brought not by the City of Cupertino, but by proponents who collect a certain number of signatures from registered voters in Cupertino. Two of the four initiatives that started the process have qualified for the November 2016 ballot as Measures C & D. Two more developer initiatives have filed for a special election next year, but are tied up in litigation. State elections code does allow the City to prepare an impact report of each initiative.

Rod is not a fan of doing land use planning at the ballot box. Rod believes that Measure C will bring more developer-sponsored initiatives that will bypass the normal process of review by the City's planning staff, Planning Commission and City Council, and avoid two-way contracts that compel developers to perform, and he will be voting No on C. Having said that, Rod encourages you to understand the competing initiatives and make choices in line with your vision for the city.

Rod quoted on development process Cupertino Courier July 15, 2016

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