In 2015, Rod teamed up with the mayors of Mountain View and Sunnyvale to drive the establishment of Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Silicon Valley. All three mayors noted that CCE was the biggest single step they could take in the fight to reverse climate change, as identified in their cities' Climate Action Plans.

Rod led the Cupertino Council to approve the City's Climate Action Plan in January 2015 as well as funding in the 2015-16 budget to move forward a regional study and business case analysis for CCE. With the combined resources of the three cities, later augmented by the County, the study demonstrated feasibility across 11 cities and the unincorporated areas of the County. On December 1, 2015, the Cupertino Council was the first city to join the newly established Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority (SVCEA), and Rod traveled to many of the other cities to help bring them aboard. He also carried the message to high school and college classes and environmental groups in the area to organize grassroots support. All 12 agencies (11 cities and county) ultimately elected to join. Rod has also lobbied State legislators and the CPUC to reject measures that threaten our ability to provide a new choice to the longstanding monopoly of PG&E, arguing that competition is healthy.

The new SVCEA Board of Directors, with a representative from each of the 12 agencies, elected Rod as Chair for 2016, hired a CEO with long experience at municipal utilities in Palo Alto and Roseville, and has recently adopted a plan to bring 100% carbon-free electricity to Silicon Valley at lower rates than PG&E when it initiates service from April through October 2017.

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