Rod champions affordable housing, and in particular has looked for opportunities to bring more housing for teachers. At a starting salary of $60,000, new teachers struggle to afford living here. Last year, the City Council approved some of the highest Housing Impact Fees in the South Bay across all types of commercial development to fund below-market-rate housing. In the recent approval of the Hamptons, Rod argued that we allocate the new below market rate housing to moderate income earners, which is a good match for teachers in the early phase of their careers, or who are breadwinners for single income households. The resulting project will have a total of 41 units for households with low and very low incomes, and 30 units for moderate income households.

Read Story - Cupertino Courier June 30 2016

Rod also supports affordable housing for seniors.

Read Story - Cupertino Courier July 21 2016

Overall, Rod views improvements in housing, transit, and minimum wage as critical components to a vibrant economy and better quality of life for all of us.