Rod recognizes traffic congestion as a problem stemming from regional growth, and has fought to bring regional solutions, including transit options and interchange improvements on 85 and 280. In 2015, Rod organized the other mayors in the North County and West Valley, and they successfully negotiated with VTA for substantial funding in VTA's November sales tax measure. The measure includes $350 million for transit in the unused median of SR85, all the way from Almaden Valley in South San Jose to 101 in Mountain View. When matched with Federal and State funding, this will bring substantial resources to plans started 40 years ago but never fulfilled. The negotiation also brings major funding to CalTrain in cities to the north to allow it to double ridership capacity, electrify, and speed up boarding.

Recognizing that infrastructure improvements stretch over years, Rod also won the VTA Board's approval to establish an ongoing body to oversee transit on SR85, called the VTA SR85 Corridor Policy Advisory Board, composed of one council member from each city along the corridor. Rod's colleagues elected him as the first chair of the Board.

In Rod's year as mayor in 2015, he convened a study session and a transit forum with experts including Professor Stefan Heck, a recognized expert in innovative transportation. Rod has recently co-authored a widely acclaimed three-part video series with Dr. Heck:
Silicon Valley's Transportation Future (full version - 10 min)

Innovative Transit Forum: New Models for Silicon Valley (125 min)
VTA SR85 Corridor Policy Advisory Board information

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